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Feeding Kids

I get a lot of questions and emails from clients and online followers that sound something like this, “Dane, I know you eat a lot of eggs and milk but do you let your kids drink whole fat milk ?  Dane, I know you eat a lot of meat but do you let your kids actually fatty meats?”  And so it goes, everyone knows that I eat these foods, they know I love growing and making our own foods, they know I ferment foods regularly and bake my own bread, they know I have lost 60lbs this past year and have lowered all of my inflammatory markers, yet they continue to believe these foods are unhealthy and that I wouldn’t actually feed my children these healthy, whole foods!!!

Anyway, to attempt to stifle these odd questions, I came across this awesome article about whole fat milk.  Basically, the study compares whole fat milk drinking children to 1% milk drinking children.  The results? The whole milk drinking child had greater levels of Vitamin D and lower BMI.  The whole milk drinking children would like to operate on a healthier level, both physically and mentally.  Get your children on the good stuff!!!


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