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Dirty Bulk

A very long time ago, I posted a video on YouTube about the stupidity of the “dirty bulk.” This was in my early years of “Dane’s Platform.” Here is the link to my sweet selfie video analyzing why the dirty bulk sucks!!

So why the hell am I writing this?  I have been inspired by Tom Sroka’s recent post on Instagram.  He put up a picture of himself 2 years ago when he was fat and sloppy and compares it to his current, slimmer self. 
The relation to today is very real.  I work with a lot of football players, wrestlers, shot putters, discus throwers and weightlifters.  Typically, these kids will come in and ask me how to gain weight.  I will give them my full spiel on eating healthy foods and simply just adding calories from healthy foods for weight gain.  Their response is typically, “My high school coach told me to eat everything and go to fast food restaurants at least once a day.”  Does the high school coach method help you “bulk.”  NO!!! It helps you turn into a fatass with minimal amount of strength gains all while developing horrible eating habits, gaining loads of excess fat and even decreasing testosterone while you suck down high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and pink slime.  As Sroka addressed in his post, when he bulked, he constantly had pains, that was mainly caused by the quality of food he was eating and his bodies inability to deal with excess inflammation. 
What do I recommend for the bulk?  Use simple healthy foods that will add calories to your diet.  Do you typically drink a half gallon of organic whole milk a day?  Well, make it an entire gallon.  You take one scoop of Earth Fed Muscle protein?  Start taking three!! You like ice cream but don’t want the garbage with corn syrup and milk solids?  Have a pint of Haagen Dazs.  Usually you have a steak with asparagus?  Make it two cheeseburgers with a sprouted grain roll, a sweet potato and some grass fed butter! For breakfast, add some heavy cream to your oatmeal. 
Simple foods for the BULK:
  • extra grass fed beef
  • oatmeal with cream and butter
  • more bananas and peanut butter (make sure the PB is organic and has no hydrogenated oils)
  • add sweet potatoes and butter
  • crush some peanuts or organic tortilla chips with salsa and sour cream for snacks
  • eat an entire bar of 75% dark chocolate with peanut butter or almond butter


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