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Deep Work: A Blog Inspired By Cal Newport

Here are a few very simple principles of Deep Work:

  • Focusing without distraction on a cognitively demanding task
  • Cultivating deep work will mean you will thrive!
  • Deep work is more valuable than ever and more rare than ever
  • Most people spend their time on “shallow work”
  • When learning something complicated, attention must be undistracted
  • Myelin sheathing shows the process of deep work leads to more myelination and thus faster reacting motor neurons
  • Output of deep work is the maximum of what skills you possess can put out
  • Rate of output per time invested is much higher in a state of deep work in comparison to distracted work

What does this mean in the world of athletics?  Just about every sport is “technical” to a degree.  If the athlete can focus on tasks in a state of DEEP WORK, they will be capable of achieving a new level of technical prowess in a shorter period of time.

How can deep work be achieved in a gym setting with lots of people and distractions?

Learn quick tips of meditation and breathing.  Get in a mental state where there is minimal conversing during training, turn off all cell phones, focus on the task at hand.  The mental switch needs to change during warm ups and this can be done with a quick training mantra to alter the state of the brain.  During training, minimal attention should be taken on negative things and instead energy should be used to focus on the task at hand.  Most athletic endeavors are done in front of lots of people and plenty of distractions, learn how to quiet the mind and still participate in a state of deep work while surrounded by distractions!  Train the brain at home in a quiet setting and then learn how to control the brain over time to improve the training environment.

Pre-Workout to stimulate Deep Work

  • Training mantra and breathing
  • Write goals down for the session (technical and even weight based goals)
  • During warm ups, specifically feel all positions and block out any negative input your brain may be having

Intra-Workout to be in Deep Work

  • Use breathing skills to stimulate the brain with full oxygenated blood
  • Turn off the damn cell phone and focus on the task at hand entirely!
  • Use meditation skills to control the mind while participating in a technical movement
  • Communicate to associated athletes that you will be involved with deep work and they should join!


  • Resolve the training session with a mantra to close up shop
  • Close the session with a breathing trick or meditative movement
  • Write notes down to finalize the session and what was achieved and what could be improved upon!
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