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Dane’s Top 3 Snatch Variations

  1. No Feet Snatch: Often times, Olympic weightlifters are seen jumping back or jumping forward, dependent upon their make up as an athlete.  Are they quad dominant? Are they hamstring dominant? How can we alleviate this problem? No feet snatch forces the individual to balance their pulling strength and focus on a much more efficient pull that can lead to tremendous improvements in their technique with minimal “drilling.”
  2. No Brush Snatch: Connections between the contact point and upper body are often lost on beginner athletes in Olympic weightlifting.  The no brush or no contact snatch and truly lead to impressive upper body activation.  Many coaches attempt to engrain in the athlete that the upper body has minimal responsibility in the snatch and that leads to lifters completely shutting off their arms.  The no brush will teach the athlete not only how to use their upper body but also WHEN to use their upper body!!!
  3. Mid grip/Close Grip Snatch: This exercise can improve a few facets of the lift.  Mobility is improved dramatically in the thoracic spine for close grip snatch.  It can also be used as a speed movement for the clean because of the grip width AND it forces such a long pull, it has a great carryover to patience in the pull while “holding the ground.” The longer the feet hold the ground through the pull, the longer the body can apply force!

Try these unique variations today.

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