Crazy Successful Weekend for Garage Strength Athletes

This past weekend started off with a nice bang for Garage Strength athletes. Tanner Reichardt cleaned 171k/375lbs for a personal best clean. He narrowly missed the jerk and is currently prepping for US nationals in Salt Lake City. 
On Saturday, I was able to start the day at a track meet, where two of my throwers hit season bests at 52'6 and 58'2. Joe Mundell followed up his 58 footer with a 159'11 throw in discus. While I was coaching during the track meet, Garage Strength coaches Caitlin Browne and Dj Shuttleworth were coaching a group of beast youth lifters during the morning session at Fearless Barbell. Emma Esterbrook snatched just above her bodyweight with a snatch of 66k/145lbs. She is 14 years old. A large youth contingent lifted very well with a few of them being first time competition lifters! 
I was fortunate enough to get to the second two sessions of the meet to watch some more lifters get their feet wet and then coach Jake Horst to a PR power snatch of 100k/220lbs while only weighing 62k/138lbs. Dj took off his coaching shoes and went out and snatched 143k/315lbs for a nice tune up while heading into senior nationals!
While coaching Olympic lifting, I was getting text updates from more throwers. Emily Johns went 137' in discus, Emily Stauffer threw 47'6 and 144' in the discus while Jocelen Ruth broke her own county record with a discus throw of 150'7!!!!
My post-collegiate competitors continued to tear things up Saturday as well. Alex Rose went 63 meters/206'10 in discus to creep closer to the Olympic standard for Rio!!! No Riddick had her season opener after spending a bunch of time honing her technique and opened at 17.47/57'4. Curt Jensen went out with a pair of 19.82/65' throws to get him closer to the Olympic Trials qualification! A great weekend that should keep things rolling the rest of the track season. 
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