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CoronaVirus Competition


The world seems like it’s going to end, there is mass hysteria over the spread of an unseen enemy. No one can fully understand what is going on but there seems to be two camps to the pandemic. The camp that is enjoying the spread of chaos and the other camp, the dumbasses acting as though nothing bad could be happening. The truth MUST lie somewhere in the middle. We are the United States of America, what can we do to decrease the spread and still maintain relative normalcy in our lives?

What we know…

I’m a lay person following dozens of reputable news sources and on-the-ground accounts from people near major outbreaks on Twitter and Reddit.

While we each have free will and can act according to what we’ve read or heard from those sources, when it comes down to it, my business situation as it relates to coronavirus is really in the hands of two executives.

President Donald Trump issued a national state of emergency regarding the Coronavirus. That is a big deal. Essentially, this is now a full-blown war on this disease.


Prior to Trump, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf took the bull by the horns and started major business shutdowns and personal quarantines to prevent the spread of the virus in our state. He urged the closing of non-essential businesses in multiple counties, closed schools, advised minimal travel (even locally), and updates our Commonwealth daily with clear, transparent information.


Couple those governmental actions with the closing of the NCAA, NBA, and NHL, and we can see that many of our leaders are actually valuing human lives over the almighty dollar. This is promising.

South Korea has the SECOND highest-ranked healthcare system in the world and has over 8,000 infections. They acted EXTREMELY fast and are still dealing with a slight rise in their infection rate, but they have done the best job of keeping people alive.

Italy is devastated. Recently, I spoke with a UN worker that has Italian and American citizenship. She informed me that Italy’s health care system is overwhelmed, and they have stopped intubating anyone over the age of 60. Hospitals are protected by armed guards. The country is struggling to handle the growth, mainly due to their lack of action early on.

Read more in depth research about the CoronaVirus, here!


Now the virus has caused lockdowns in Germany, Spain and has disrupted most of Europe. Things are somewhat bleak but many lessons can be learned.

What can we do? Let’s make it a FU$KING COMPETITION!!!

We know that this is serious. We know that elderly and immune-compromised—think cancer patients and even cancer survivors—can be compromised rapidly by this rapidly-spreading virus, and in Italy we can see a fatality rate as high as 6%. My grandfather is in his mid-80s and has COPD. SAVE HIM. My father was hit by an 18-wheeler and survived, but only after having two collapsed lungs that compromise his respiratory system to this day. SAVE HIM.

You can save lives and be an American hero by staying in your home. And I don’t mean stay in your home except when you invite all the neighbors over for a beer on Friday. I mean stay in your home and leave to go food shopping once/week only.

This is not a snow day article:

Widespread lockdowns will continue to be implemented until infection rates DECREASE. We are in this for the long haul. The sooner we can decrease infection rates, the more lives we save, the better the likelihood for the Olympics to happen, for businesses to open again and potentially for our HS seniors to have their senior year of spring sports back. The only way we get there is to put severe lockdowns in place NOW.

Think of this as a war game, a challenge to Americans to stifle this shit as quickly as possible. We can prove that we are a powerful, unified country that conquers shit faster than anyone else. We thrive on competition, we thrive on community, we thrive on difficult challenges.

This is our time to shine. Will it be difficult? Yes. But what’s the downside? We will be in a household lockdown. We will spend more time with our family, we will still have social media, we can still get shit done digitally, we can still progress as a nation.

We can save American lives and prove that we are capable of conquering challenges together. We can prove that we are the strongest nation in the world because we are UNITED. So, what do we do?

Corona Competition Checklist

1. Go to the grocery store and prepare for 12-14 days of being at home. Find non-perishable items and stock up. Wear nitrile gloves while shopping.

2. Create a daily schedule broken into 30 minute blocks. This will help keep life routine, keep your day moving, boost your productivity, and keep you sane. 

3. Set a goal to spend 3 times as much time with your family

4. Set a reading goal: mine is 2-3 books per week! 

5. Workout for 40-45 minutes a day. 

6. Participate in social media groups and discuss your adventure!

Struggling to find a workout? I will be posting a daily bodyweight and dumbbell program on my YouTube channel. Like, subscribe and share the video below!


If you want to join a productive and supportive social media group, hit up the Garage Strength Cultivation group where we are posting workouts, answering questions and helping everyone work towards an improved existence during these times!

Dane Miller

Dane Miller is the owner and founder of Garage Strength Sports Performance. He works with a select handful of clients on building comprehensive programs for fitness and nutrition. Several times a year he leads a workshop for coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts.


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