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Athlete to Coach Relationship. How Important Is It?

Athlete to Coach Relationship. How Important Is It?

I see this question all the time, and its pretty obvious to me. I almost think about it as an atmosphere thing with training. The better atmosphere the better training. So yes, the relationship with your coach is very important and here is why.

A coach to athlete relationships not only impact the athlete's physical performance but it impacts the mental side of things as well. An athlete needs to have a certain form of respect for the coach. They need to both value each other's opinions but ultimately the coach is in charge and the athlete needs to know this. This is a key factor to having a good athlete to coach relationship.

I tell athletes that move to our gym all the time, “you moved here to get coached, now be coachable”. This is another huge factor in having a good relationship with your coach. You have to be willing to change! If a coach gives you a technical cue you have to listen and be willing to make that change. The more you fight, the harder it will be to communicate in the future.

For me, my coach inspired me and really made a huge impact on my life. I think this was something I was really seeking. I think the main reason for me getting into weightlifting was to be a part of something good. It gave me something to look forward to every day, and Dane helped me see my true potential. My coach isn't just a coach to me. This is why an athlete to coach relationship is so important to me and should be for everyone else!

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