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What is the purpose of back extensions?

Ask Dane Anything #5

Client: What is the purpose of back extensions?

Dane: Back extensions are excellent for preparing the posterior chain for a long workout. Many of our lifters will do back extensions before and after a long training session. They are also excellent for general strengthening of the lower back for any "mainstream" people participating in fitness. 

Client: What is a good meal to have before I workout so I don't want to vomit?

Dane: Pre-Workout meal...my go to is always an easy carb, with a simple fat. Something like an orange, apple or banana mixed with 2 cubes of dark chocolate or one tbsp of coconut oil.

Client: What are some good ways to prevent plantar fasciitis?

Dane: Preventing plantar fasciitis is easily done by doing PVC walks with bare feet to keep the bottom of the feet strong!

Client: Thoughts on 1 cheat meal in a 7 day meal plan? Good/bad, why?

Dane: I like cheat meals after 40 days of commitment to a nutrition plan. As the habits are established, adding in a cheat meal every 14 days and then every 7 days is positive but the commitment needs to be established.

Client: What is your most embarrassing moment in life?

Dane: Being a drunk, college student-athlete that never lived up to my potential and capability.

Client: Opinion of intermittent fasting?

Dane: Intermittent fasting is ok to teach self-control and appetite management. After those lessons are learned, it always come down to calories in/calories out.

Client: Triceps are always tight, even after stretching and rolling out, why?

Dane: How do you know? Do you dig them on the barbell end? Are your shoulders rolled out? 

Client: Loading for creatine is 40g/day, why so much?

Dane: You need to saturate the muscles with a large amount of creatine. Loading with 40g and some carbs can lead to faster saturation!

Client: Can you make mint EFM?

Dane: We can but we have not had a great taste-testing with mint. 

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