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3 Bad Habits of Weightlifters

1. Weight over technique: I see this all the time and am subject to it myself. Early on (and recently) I wanted to go super heavy. Ripping the bar off the floor, bending my arms, and rounding my back led me to a point of no return. I was no longer technically sound and had no idea what I was doing from a technical standpoint. Training for a while was hard and took a while to get back to having good technique. Weightlifters need to remember that the better your technique is, the better your weights will be. The more efficient you are the better. Remember, It's easy to get strong when the technique is properly developed.

2. Going up after missing: This needs to stop! The weight is not to light… trust me! When you miss, you need to assess what happened and act on it. It is probably due to some technical flaw, not the weight being to light. It doesn't matter if you miss 5 times and then make one when you go up. Those misses will impact your training way more than that one make. If missing continues after the first miss, go back down in weight and hit some lifts lighter. This will leave a positive impact on your training and will allow you to continue to have a productive session.

3. Not having a technical model: Recently I asked someone who they are trying to lift like. They had no idea what I was talking about. In order to make technical progress fast, you need to have a technical model. We really like to use Kuo Hsing-Chun as our model. We Preach Knees back off the floor and she is a perfect model for this. This gives the lifter something productive to do when they are watching random videos on their phone. They can watch training videos and visualize the movements over and over again. Now I'm not saying to lift exactly like that person because it will never happen. Everyone moves differently and will have different movement patterns, but having a base to look at and strive to be is what every lifter needs.

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