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Why I hate mobility. The confessions of a Mobility-Doc.

Yes, it's true that I created the title to get your attention. But it's also true that I am frustrated with mobility. I spend about sixty hours per week helping people to move better. Sometimes I'm working with an international athlete, and sometimes I am rehabilitating somebody who just recovered from surgery. At Mobility-Doc we are equipped to help just about anyone, but we specialize in helping our patients and clients to regain that last 20% of function. The first 80% makes someone function. The 20% allows someone to live their life and thrive. It's the part that goes beyond everyday life, and extends to the edges of what makes you, you. We restore healthy lifestyles.   

Most athletic individuals these days know what a foam roller is. Recovery has become  something that the cool kids do now. You could make a drinking game out of Instagram: a shot for every time someone posts a picture in your feed where they are laying on the floor and stretching, while simultaneously hashtagging "ROMWOD."

Don't get me wrong, I am excited that recovery is in the spotlight. Our jobs at Mobility-Doc have become exponentially easier because of that. My qualms lie with the fact that everyone is only getting a tiny piece of the puzzle. Mobility is not your only problem.  

You can smash, mash, floss, roll, e-stim, freeze, and stretch all you want, but it's only 25-50% of the answer. And that's a best case scenario. There's a good possibility that you could be wasting your time. Make sure you read that again. I will even put it in all caps. YOU MIGHT BE WASTING YOUR TIME. 

My goal is to write to you weekly. I can't sit idly by anymore. By the time I am done with this topic you will know how to create a complete corrective exercise plan for your needs. 


Guest Post from John Giacalone, the Mobility Doc

John holds his doctorate in chiropractic. He is certified as a level 2 USAW coach and has competed as a weightlifter. John has competed at 85kg, and more recently 77kg, where he qualified for the American Open in 2015. John's best snatch is currently 121kg, and clean and jerk at 1451g. John's additional certifications include CSCS, USATF1, FMS, SFMA, CFL1, CF Mobility, CF Weightlifting, and NASM CES. 

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  • I hate mobility mainly because I’m not mobile and it f@&king hurts🫤

    Michael Stas

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