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Tom Brady Band Workout

In the Tom Brady workout, I did 9 different exercises. The whole workout I used bands. That’s what Tom does; he loves using bands.

Of course, I used our HAF PowerLastic band.

According to Tom’s strength coach, Tom usually starts with a banded run to warm up. I did two sets of thirty seconds. The run is done in place. I anchored the PowerLastic band to a bolted-down squat rack and wrapped the band around my waist. I got some nice tension on the band and then ran in place.

This movement got the neural drive going. From there, I rolled into the entire workout.

1. Standing Row

Apparently, when you are the greatest quarterback of all time, your workout is simple. No need to get hurt so it is best to just do a simple band workout. I think this workout is great for an active rest day or if you are traveling.

Tom’s strength coach always says, “Focus on those tight glutes! Focus on that tight back! Really work that posterior chain while standing there rowing.” Tom’s coach says do one set to failure; I will tell you to do four or five sets for 17-25 reps to get a serious pump and not look like a dweeb like Tom. He is my favorite quarterback of all time.

2. Banded Push-Ups

With the PowerLastic strength band, put the hands in the loops and wrap the band around the back. Go ahead and fire off four to five sets of 17-25 reps for a legit pump. While I busted out my push-ups, I wondered if Tom can even do twenty push-ups? Tom is skinny.

What do you think?

3. Standing Banded Rotation

Achor the band to an immovable object. Extend the arms long and grip the PowerLastic loops. From there, rotate the torso. The big thing with this movement is focusing on planting, staying in a quarter squat, driving through the entire foot while feeling the outside of the glute fire.

Squeeze the front leg through the rotation as well. Just make sure as the torso comes back, to try and slow the band down. 

I say do three sets of 17 on each side. Tom does each side to failure for one set.

With that said, I believe this is a great exercise for QBs and pitchers. It develops a lot of rotational strength and creates dynamic trunk control through the various positions it puts the body in.

The movement reminded me of the hammer throw.

4. Banded Deadlift

One of the key things to think about with Brady, especially now, is he is older. He is like 43 or 44. He doesn’t need to be doing a ton of absolute strength work. He needs to be maintaining muscular tension and make sure that when he gets to practice or on the field Sunday, he isn’t completely ruined. Ultimately all that matters is how well he can read a defense and execute each and every play. This workout is not going to be a huge muscle builder but suffices to get a good sweat going.

Using the HAF PowerLastic band, I grabbed a handle on each end, stood on the band, and then deadlifted. The tension on the HAF PowerLastic band is extremely heavy. At the top, as long as I squeezed my traps, I felt the band pulling down. I also got a decent quad pump.

This can be a movement, with a little bit of a rhythm, that could transfer over to a bigger vertical jump.

My big criticism with the exercises so far, is I don’t know how they laid out the exercise order? I would have done the banded deadlift first.

5. Banded Curls

These next two exercises were in my wheelhouse.

Quick story: my friend Jasen Esposito played with Brady on the Patriots for three years. My friend, Espo, said Brady would always be at Gilette at 5:15 AM. Espo, trying to be there early, comes into the gym and there is one light on with a dude sitting there. Fifteen minutes later this guy comes up to him and says, “Hi, I’m Tom.” On a bench, Brady has everything laid out (in May!) prepping for his job. So as much as I’m roasting Brady, he is a mental juggernaut.

Setting up similar to the banded deadlift (but with a lighter PowerLastic), I went ahead and curled the bands for three sets of seventeen reps.

I super-setted the banded curls with the next movement.

6. Banded Tricep Extensions

Immediately after chasing the bicep bump, I went right into the banded tricep extensions just like Tom. In my opinion, if you do 100 straight tricep extensions with the band you will get a serious pump.

I recommend doing three sets of twenty to twenty-five reps. Get the pump rolling!

7. Banded Decelerating Lunge

This is a really good exercise that I like a lot. Any football player or any athlete who has to focus on agility can benefit tremendously from this movement.

With the PowerLastic hooked up to the rig and the band around the waist, we lunge forward with a drop, plant, and go back. I had to react, staying upright after driving from the quad.

My criticism is that Tom’s guy has him doing this to failure. I don’t think that is good. I think three sets of five reps on each side is fine. Still, I like this exercise a lot.

8. Banded Standing Shoulder Press

I would do a standing shoulder press before the banded tricep extensions, but this is Tom Brady’s workout and he is the best ever.

Thankfully the PowerLastic has the loops built into the band for the hands. I went ahead and hit four sets for fifteen to twenty reps and go the pump rolling.

9. Banded Squat

Tom calls this the X band squat. There are like 9 different bands attached and he does bodyweight squats with the various bands hooked up until failure. Allegedly.

With the PowerLastic strength band, the loops allow us to put them right over the feet. We can go down and up with the squat. The HAF band creates a lot more tension. What I found, wanting more tension, I extended the band overhead to do overhead squats. I got even more experimental and started doing banded squat jumps to be more functional.

I recommend doing three sets of five with the banded squat jumps and then do one set of overhead squats to failure


Hopefully, in whatever job you have, you can perform as well as TB12. Give this workout a try with the PowerLastic bands and let us know how it goes. Hopefully, you won’t be out of breath at the end of it like me.


Dane Miller is the owner and founder of Garage Strength Sports Performance. He works with a select handful of clients on building comprehensive programs for fitness and nutrition. Several times a year he leads a workshop for coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts.

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