Is it possible to lose weight and get stronger? – Garage Strength

Is it possible to lose weight and get stronger?

Ask Dane Anything #6

1) Cutting 50 lbs still want to bench 405 lbs. Suggestions?

Dane: The biggest factor is based around current body fat. Cutting calories is a must, focusing on carbohydrates and protein intake as the keys to maintaining strength and energy. Time frame must be realistic and making sure sleep is a priority is an absolute key.

2) How did you get from 300 to 230 lbs and still be strong? Can you do a podcast, video, blog on this, please?

Dane: Yes, I need to do a podcast, video and blog ! The biggest point for me was less night time eating, more awareness of my food consumption throughout the day and making sure I went from a gallon of milk per day to a quart of milk a day!

3) Is it true that you carried an "Olympic" torch?

Dane: Yes...Kirby Puckett Memorial Games torch!

4) What's a healthy diet for an 11-year-old?

Dane: Focus on real food, treat them with healthy “pleasure” foods. I have found that my kids love having treats with honey as a sweet point or even having protein shakes as a treat! Kids will eat healthy if they are taught about food and eat real food on a regular basis.

5) Amount of protein intake for a normal person that doesn't work out? That does?

Dane: Normal person that doesn’t train I would recommend 1.2g of protein per 1kg of bodyweight. That is fairly low and simple to maintain. An individual who is cutting needs 2g of protein per kilo of bodyweight.

6) I've been eating less for 2 weeks and gained weight. How and why?

Dane: What have you been eating? What is your physical activity? If you gained weight, your physical activity HAS to be lower.

7) My shoulder hurts putting on my seatbelt, what could that be?

Dane: Tight thoracic spine that leads to internal rotation and a very tight rear delt.

8) Have you ever felt relaxed?

Dane: Very rarely, if ever. I would say the moments just as my children were born were very relaxed...then three seconds later I was freaking out hoping they were ok!

9) When is the last time you smiled just because?

Dane: Today I smiled for Sanderson’s birthday. I smile if I am outside and see my favorite birds.

10) What are the benefits of doing a 72 hour fast?

Dane: Hmmmm...I don’t mind fasting if it’s related to mindfulness, self-control or spiritual understanding. The fast needs to have a purpose or a goal. Otherwise, a lot of people tend to feel like wet bags of shit when they go on a fast.

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