Arnold Seminar – Garage Strength


March 2nd in Columbus Ohio

Learn the fundamentals of the Garage Strength Training System from Dane Miller

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  • Hosted by 11 Athletics (1600 Alum Creek Drive Columbus, OH 43209)

  • March 2nd from 6pm - 8pm

  • No cost to attend

  • Meet Dane and ask questions

  • Get first access to and a signed copy of our newest book

  • Participate in the live seminar

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  • March 2nd from 6pm - 7pm

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Learn to write 


strength programs.

Program For An Entire Year.

Equip yourself with the tools necessary to increase your athletes' strength, power output, speed, and quickness simply by prioritizing the correct movements and program structure in the weightroom. 

Garage Strength Program Design is a complete breakdown of the methodology Strength Coach Dane Miller uses to write training programs for his world-class athletes. 

Every aspect of planning is explained with specific examples, including periodization, training splits for workout days, exercises, and even specific rep schemes.

Walk away with the ability to write a year's worth of training with the confidence that you will see incredible performance improvements from your athletes.


Learn our five phases of Parabolic Periodization and how to apply them to different sports over a period of a year.

Rep Schemes

Learn the best rep schemes to use for different exercises, unique rep modulators, and how to manage intensity and volume.

Workout Splits

Learn what the number of training days, muscle groups, types of exercises, and intensities should be trained each week.

Athlete Testing

Learn the most important analysis points to test new athletes on to determine athletic potential and weakness targeting.

Exercise Selection

Learn how to categorize exercises so you can structure workouts to prioritize the right kind of strength gains for different athletes.

Sport Specific Examples

Learn how to apply every aspect of training discussed to specific sport types with charts of examples included.