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Tour of the Tokyo Village... Cardboard Beds?

Outside the building, we are staying in at the Oceania quarter of the Olympic Village, and we notice the Olympic rings statue, as well as a flag runway lining the road.

Getting inside the building, we see the Oceania sign. Oceania is Fiji, New Zealand, Guam, Australia, as well as others.

We also can use the vending machines inside the building for free. We need to click on the machine, use our pass, and get the beverage, primarily water, free.

There is an accessible toilet area near the entrance of the building as well. The building is staffed by locals. Around the corner, as they call it in Oceania, there is a lift, AKA the elevator. It is neat how they have signs that say, “KEEP YOUR DISTANCE” with a kangaroo image demonstrate staying apart.

We are staying up on floor 18. Australia’s team is pretty large. They are housed throughout the first eleven floors of the building. Floor 18 is at the very top of the building. Whatever, we are super excited to be here!

The wi-fi is pretty good as well.

When we step out of the elevator we see signs saying to keep the volume down. Each room is like a dorm with four extra rooms. Check out the view. 

Inside our room, which is part of Team Samoa, we share the room with Alex Rose, who is throwing the discus. The bathroom got a bidet, a sink, shower, toiletry area, just like a little room placed in the larger room. The common space has a mini, plastic, circular table with four Olympic-colored chairs surrounding it. There is a masseuse table that sits up against the wall. And yes, there is air conditioning. 

One thing we have noticed is that they are serious about recycling!

We are staying in room D. We brought our bag for all the camera stuff, clothing, Samoa stuff (which is super sweet), and some more stuff in bags. We also got a sweet blanket that reads “Tokyo 2020”. We also got the infamous cardboard bed.

We are not kidding. The beds are cardboard! Check out the underground of the bed.

Now they are made of cardboard, but they are really well constructed. There is also a lot of cardboard to make up the bed. From what we can tell, the bed is all cardboard boxes. Pretty supportive though. The bed is extremely hard. This being our third time in Tokyo, we have always had really hard beds.

They have also provided an electrical strip to plug into. The accommodations are nice. It is pretty cool being here. It is also really cool to be around all the teams and athletes.

The setup is nice. It isn’t a huge mansion. One thing that is weird is that the wall is all drywall, but unfinished. No tape on the seams. No paint either. We assume that has to do with saving costs because the Olympics tend to be a money pit. They probably want to reuse all the rooms in the future for housing later on. Still, each and every room gets a mini-split AC for temperature control. It is humid and hot in Tokyo.


The room is nice. The buildings are cool. The village is cool. The rings are cool.

And yes, the beds are made out of cardboard!

We are going to keep bringing content that goes behind the scenes at the Olympics, so keep stopping by to read and be updated.


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