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How To Single-Leg Squat

To execute the single-leg squat you need to establish a good grip position, focus on your torso, and understand how to unrack the bar. You use the same hand position for the single-leg squat that you use for a back squat. 

Upon unracking the bar, you will take about 4 to 5 steps back. As you get to set, you want both feet put into position. You put your back leg on the roller with 70% of your weight in your front leg, which is the squatting leg. 

Performing the single-leg squat, you want to have an upright posture, control your breath, and allow the front knee to come slightly forward. Your back knee should be about 45 degrees as you drop down to the pad, touch the pad, and drive back up through a full, flat foot. 

Big factors to remember are that after you take the bar 4 to 5 steps out of the rack, you are tight through the upper back, have a tight posture through the belly button and that you are breathing. Have the front foot about 3 to 4 inches in front of the pad, control the full eccentric until the back knee touches the pad, and then squat up with the front leg.

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