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Replenishing Glycogen Post-Workout

When training, muscle glycogen is necessary for both aerobic and anaerobic activity.  This is in part due to the fact that muscle glycogen is used by the body to generate power and endurance during the activity.  Numerous studies have shown that depletion of muscle glycogen stores have led to a lower maximal strength output, decrease in endurance, causes cramps and can even lower the quality of technical actions!!! How can an individual replenish glycogen to optimize performance?

By eating a meal containing carbohydrates soon after training is very important to replenishing the glycogen stores.  The sooner the carbs enter the bloodstream, the sooner the body becomes anabolic and begins protein synthesis to rebuild muscular breakdown.  The other major benefit of eating carbs soon after training is that the insulin response to carbs remains low for up to two hours post-workout.  This means the best athletes can eat higher glycemic carbs at this point and not see a massive spike in insulin response.  This is scientifically due to glycogen synthase.  Glycogen synthase is an enzyme that controls glycogen rebuilding after it is depleted during exercise.  

Optimal replenishment could be seen in a post-workout meal like this:

Train anaerobically for 1.5 hours

Consume 18oz of milk, 40 grams of protein, 1 banana within 15 minutes of the end of training.

Wait 45 minutes and then eat a meal similar to this:

8oz of grass fed steak

1 sweet potato with grass fed butter and cinnamon

12oz of homemade orange juice mixed with milk

6oz of broccoli steamed

Follow these guidelines for optimal replenishment and repair from training!

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