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Advice for Seniors Looking to Get a Better Handle on Their Health

Guest Article by: Jason Lewis

There are certain things in life we can’t control, including some of the effects of aging. However, with a handful of smart strategies, seniors can stay on top of their physical and mental health. Here is how to ensure you can have the time of your life during your golden years.

Engage in Gut Health and Good Nutrition

There is an entire world inside your digestive system, and when it gets off track, it can cause more than just a bellyache. As Plexus explains, when your gut health is out of balance, it can change your emotional state and how you respond to things. There seems to be a link between your nutrition, the world of microorganisms in your digestive tract, and your mental health. Maintaining a balanced gut can mean maintaining better balance in your attitude and moods. To keep things in check, ensure you consume probiotics regularly. This can come in the form of fermented foods such as kimchi, yogurt, buttermilk, sauerkraut, and kefir, or you can take a supplement. Since seniors experience a reduced caloric need, it’s also important to choose foods rich in nutrients. If getting to the grocery is an issue, or you want the convenience of home delivery, Glamour notes that healthful meal service subscriptions start at around $50.

Enjoy Being Active

Be sure to make fitness part of your lifestyle, as it offers seniors important health benefits, such as better cardiovascular health, stronger bones, improved flexibility, and a lowered risk for dementia. Getting out and about can be tough, especially when weather conditions are questionable, so consider making space in your home for equipment. When setting up, bear in mind that clutter appears to be bad for your mental health. If you have belongings you need out of the way, consider moving them off-site instead. The overall average price of a self-storage unit booked in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, over the past 180 days came in at $91.50. Store things while considering what you want to do with them, or until you can rehome them.

The Spice in Life

There are many great ways to stay active, and by making it fun, you will look forward to your exercise regimen. Consider a variety of options in your overall workout routine. For instance, you can take a dance class, go walking with a neighbor, hike in area parks, or swim at the local gym. One of the benefits of joining a gym is connecting with your peers, and many gyms offer classes designed for specific age groups and circumstances. The average gym membership costs $35 to $40 per month, and some offer discounts to certain segments of the population.

Catch More Z’s

All too often, we minimize the importance of sleep in our lives. Good quality sleep is crucial for your health, and when it’s lacking, you can raise your risk for stroke, experience weight gain, increase the risk for heart disease, inhibit insulin sensitivity, and lower immune function. If you are one of the many seniors who struggles with getting a good night’s sleep, enhancing your sleep environment can make a big difference. Your bedroom should be dark, cool, quiet, and restful. Many people are kept awake by noises, whether from a television in the next room, traffic noise, or dogs barking in the neighborhood. If sounds are disturbing your ability to sleep, one of the best ways to improve your slumber is with a white noise machine. There are white noise machines with a variety of bells and whistles, offering everything from a simple hum to one that helps you develop healthy sleep patterns using sounds and lights. Prices for devices recommended by the Spruce range from $19 to $82.

Take control of your health in your senior years with a few smart strategies. Ensure you have proper nutrition, enjoy being active, and get sufficient sleep. Your wise choices can help you stay strong and independent as you age.

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