Wrestling strength program

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There is no greater reward than developing an athlete from recruit to all-star. Whether you train high schoolers, collegiates, or professionals as a strength coach, sport coach, or personal trainer, it is critical to understand what the most important aspects of training are. 

Making athletes stronger, faster, more explosive, and more athletic is not as complicated as many make it, but it takes a practical understanding of the physical demands of specific sports and the unique traits of different types of athletes. Stop adding unnecessary fluff to workouts, but understand what is absolutely necessary to prepare athletes for their specific sport. 

With the Sports Performance Bible, you will not only learn how to structure strength workouts, but how to train any athlete to overcome any physical stress their sport throws at them in their quest to become a champion.
Wrestling strength program
Do you get lost in dry books on the science of strength training with no practical applications? Do you want to learn all-encompassing concepts that you can apply to every sport and every athlete?

With the Sports Performance Bible, you will learn everything you need to know to not only get your athletes as strong and powerful as possible, but improve their athleticism and performance in their individual sports.

Filled with practical and applicable knowledge, you will understand how to strength train each athlete on your team to their highest potential.

An all-encompassing guide to strength training for sports.

The most information we've ever put in one place!

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Chapter Outline

Chapter 1: Coaching Leadership

Learn how to build the right culture, communicate effectively to your athletes, and teach the individual. Being a leader in the weightroom will make the concepts you will learn in the rest of the book much more effective.

Chapter 2: Athlete and Sport Typing

What makes one athlete different than the other? How should you change training depending on the sport of the athlete? Learn how to strength train based on different athletes' personalities and their individual needs.

Chapter 3: Programming and Periodization

How should you plan your training for the year? Learn our practical Parabolic Periodization system as it applies to sports. Learn to program in a dynamic way that responds to training roadblocks and gets your athletes as powerful as possible at the right time.

Chapter 4: Technical Coordination

Learn how teaching technique in the weightroom correlates to greater motor control in specific sport applications. Dane describes how Olympic weightlifting correlates to performance and how to incorporate them into your strength workouts. Learn what additional methods we use to increase coordination and technical comprehension.

Chapter 5: Absolute Strength

Learn how to prioritize absolute strength vs. hypertrophy work. What are the best exercises to perform? How should you develop benchmark numbers for certain lifts? Understand when strength levels can reach a point of diminishing returns.

Chapter 6: Plyometrics

Learn how to implement plyometric training into strength workouts. Understand the impact jump training has and which types of exercises have a greater transfer to specific sport applications. 

Chapter 7: Accessories and Trunk Control

Learn how to use accessory exercises to target weak points in an athlete. Understand the critical role dynamic trunk control plays in sports performance and how to improve it.

Chapter 8: Speed Work

Learn the different phases of sprint mechanics and how to train them. Discover methods to develop top-end speed, faster acceleration, controlled deceleration, quicker cutting speed, and explosiveness from a stand still. 

Chapter 9: Nutrition and Recovery

Learn the most critical aspects of nutrition that you need to convey to your athletes to optimize muscle growth and recovery. Understand which supplements to take and the importance of sleep to maximize training output.

Bonus Chapter: Coaching Dives

The Coaching Dive’s are our example of B-Sides and Rarities. These are notes specific from the earliest meetings and discussions between Earl and Dane. Earl would leave his discussions and rearrange the notes into written thoughts, in essence, a more coherent comprehension of Dane’s brain. These are thoughts spewed from Dane while Earl was interrogating and interviewing Dane during various training sessions.

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Jason V.

Practical knowledge

The Sports Performance Bible... this book and video course and chocked full of practical knowledge and experience. Dane has built his success from the ground up and that knowledge bleeds through the pages with every turn!!!

Dan M.

Great book and course combo

The Sports Performance Bible is incredible. An entire book with Dane's knowledge and application filling it's pages, what more can we ask for? Top that with the companion course and this resource is second to none!

Sam M.
United States United States

All encompassing

I've been through the system and reaped the benefits, I have watched others succeed with it. The Sports Performance Bible is an all encompassing training resource that every coach needs in their library

Vernon P.
United States United States

Directly applies to coaching

The first day I got the Sports Performance Bible, I took it into the gym and immediately started to consider my coaching methods. This puts in depth concepts into simple terms for direct application

Nick G.


The Sports Performance Bible, an awesome resource any strength coach or sport coach can use to organize training and improve results!

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