The DK Hulk Builder
The DK Hulk Builder
The DK Hulk Builder

The DK Hulk Builder

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This program is known as the Hulk Builder for a reason! These programs were specially made for our resident Bull Elk, DK Hoagland. Featuring a solid combination of olympic lifting, powerlifting movements, and bodybuilding-style accessories, the programs will test your mettle and are only for those who want to get absolutely jacked!

Volume: Low to Moderate

Intensity: High

Equipment Needed:


Olympic Lifting Platform

Squat Rack

Safety Bar

Ab Bench (decline Bench)


Jerk Blocks (opt.)

Pull up bar

Cable Row Machine


Resistance Band

GHD/Back Extension


Plyo Box


Ab Wheel

Incline Bench

Preacher curl

T-Bar Row

Reverse Hyper