The Book of Swöle Ebook (2nd Edition)
The Book of Swöle Ebook (2nd Edition)

The Book of Swöle Ebook (2nd Edition)

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Written by Dane M. Miller, owner of Garage Strength Sports Performance. Second Edition includes additional exercises, techniques, plus recovery and nutrition sections. Swöle 12-week training plan includes example recovery days. EBook is available for IMMEDIATE download with this purchase THIS WEEK ONLY. Start reading and begin your, "Swöle Journey" today!!

"My first exposure to the word “swöle” was an old Muscle mag from the racks back in the late 1990’s. I would have been in 9th grade at Redner’s Market and I remember seeing a jacked dude donning a sweet shirt that stated, “swöle.” From that day forth I always wanted to embrace that life. Train hard, eat well, enjoy the process and walk around swöle.  I hope this book makes your journey a little bit easier and at some point in the near future, you can sit back and enjoy being SWÖLE!!!" -Dane

The Book of Swöle is a complete training guide including programming, nutrition, and lifestyle components. The main structure includes the following:

- Lower Body Exercises *Plus additional exercises

- Upper Body Exercises *Plus additional exercises

- Arm Targeting

- 12 Week Training Plan *Plus sample recovery days

- Nutrition Planning

- Extracurriculars that enhance/ruin performance

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Parker W.
United States United States

Great Program

I was looking for a program to stay consistent and give me a good overview of strength training. The workouts are challenging, my only wish would be more advice on cardio.

steven B.
United States United States

The Book of Swoke

Great book, great layout, very clear advice! Excellent exercise descriptions , and a unique combinations of sets/reps and rest intervals.

Max M.
United States United States

Added the weight

Used this book to understand how to properly put on the weight and strength. Gained 5lbs just applying some of the basics. Easy. Great resource for hard gainers

Tom C.
United States United States

Old man Swole!

Great book, wish I had it 25 years a go. After doing the workouts for 12 weeks people kept saying how HUGE I had gotten. If it works for a middle aged, mediocre lifter like myself imagine what it will do for you!! GET SWOLE!!!

Andy J.
United States United States

Insane Pumps!!!!!

I really enjoyed this program as a whole, it was challenging and fun. I have never performed any of the Olympic lifts before so that was quite the challenge for me. Luckily Garage Strength has an excellent platform on youtube and instagram where I was able to coach myself through it using their material. They also have pages within the program fully explaining each exercise. The Book of Swole has guaranteed that I will always have Olympic lifts in my programs. The third month was absolutely the best with the most insane pump! Lastly, being a PA resident local businesses are huge for me and I love supporting them. If you want to be swole, strong, and athletic, get yourself this program!