Sport Planning and Technical Literacy

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You have grown your team.

And they LOVE you for all the advice and support you have given them.

Now its time to transform your athletes into CHAMPIONS.

Know Your Athletes

One of the most difficult aspects behind developing strength and power athletes is figuring out WHAT will help an athlete to perform and HOW to make positive change. More often than not, coaches are misguided in their programming and technical literacy.

Are you wasting time writing programs for athletes and competitors who perform below expectations at the big event?

In the end you never know what progress, if any, your athletes are making, because you are not in control of the outcome.

 But You Can Be.

Comprehending Parabolic Periodization:

Sport Planning and Technical Literacy

This is why we created the Parabolic Periodization course at Garage Strength - Use the diagnostic tools provided to understand what athlete type you are working with, and let the rest of your programming fall into line.

The course is an interactive, 50 lesson, online course that teaches you the “secrets” of the worlds most successful coaches.

  • Learn how to structure programs for peak performance at multiple competitions per year

  • Learn how to understand different types of athletes and program specifically for their needs

  • Understand the details of autoregulation, percentage based training, and lift comparisons with our intuitive charts

  • 11 BONUS resources included!!

Do you struggle to program and peak different types of athletes? Are you a coach who is looking for an in-depth periodization scheme that is proven to work! Dive into Parabolic Periodization and be confident every athlete you coach will be prepared to peak when it matters!

Learn the 5 Blocks of Periodization

What are the phases? How are they used and how are they developed over time depending upon individual athletes? When designing a program, the ATHLETE must be the number one thought, over and over again. Coaches need to understand and solve the athlete’s problems every single block, every single week, every single day, to get their athletes on the road to championship success. By diving deep into every block and athlete type, we will be able to understand the theory and slowly grasp the integration of principles.

Understand Athlete Types

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

What the heck are these Athlete curves and analysis? How can you learn how to use them and build them into your programming? These are difficult questions to comprehend but as you dive deeper into the practicality, you can place a name or face to each curve as you understand how different people and different personalities respond to the same exact stimuli. Coaching is not a one size fits all and the Athlete Reactive Analysis puts the dynamic analysis into practical play.

11 Bonus Resources

The 11 bonus resources come with each course and book purchase. Each comes with graphs, charts, and detailed explanations of the specific topic!

  • Athlete Reactive Analysis

  • Athlete Type and Cues

  • Daily Training Checklist

  • Exercise Metrics and Correction Workflow

  • How to Structure Blocks

  • Parasympathetic Recovery

  • Programming By Athlete Type

  • Programming Percentages

  • Targeting Weaknesses - Skill vs Strength

  • Warm Ups and Potentiation

  • Weights and Loading

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the book and the course the same material?

We made the book and the course as compliments to each other, not duplicates. The book provides more graphics and analytical content meant to be consumed at a slower pace, while the course is a way to dive into all of the theory audibly with detailed explanations of how our system works by Dane Miller. Both the book and the course provide unique content.

What sport is Parabolic Periodization meant for?

The specific application of Parabolic Periodization is detailed for Olympic Weightlifting, however the theory discussed is invaluable to every sport if the coach is interested in understanding how individual athletes operate and how to strength train for maximum power for specific competitions. 

Is Parabolic Periodization meant for coaches or athletes?

Parabolic Periodization is written to coaches who are looking to better understand and program more effectively for there athletes. That said, both the book and course is extremely useful for self-coached athletes or even athletes with coaches who simply want to understand training better.

Does the book include a training program?

It does not, but we do you one better by teaching you everything you need to know about constructing the most effective program yourself. If you are looking for a training program, check out our weightlifting specific programs HERE.

Here is my, “Dane’s Swears By It!” Guarantee

I 100% guarantee you will love this program, or I’ll issue you a full refund after you have read the entire thing. That's right. Just email me, or call the number on your receipt and I will give you your money back. No questions asked. Sounds fair?

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