Bize and Trize Hardcopy
Bize and Trize Hardcopy

Bize and Trize Hardcopy

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Bize and Trize Volume 1: A Ten Day Antidote to the Small Arm Curse! This isn't just a book for meat heads, it has great knowledge to improve arm strength and overall athletic performances!

Excerpt below ...

Fast forward to 2016.  I weighed 290lbs, felt like garbage, was no longer competing and had no direction in my training.  A client of mine who had been struggling with weight himself came up to me one day.  “How much you want to bet to see who can lose the most weight over the next 2 months?”  $1,000.  Yes, I told him $1,000.  I knew I needed some serious cash on the line to motivate myself to stop being fat.  After the agreement, I began second guessing myself. What if I became small? What if people looked at me and thought I was weak?!?!?!  I panicked.