Bikini Body Program

Bikini Body Program

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Program Goals:

  • First leg day is to gain strength and muscle along with drop sets to get the definition showing! The second leg day uses eccentrics and high volume to really get the blood flowing and really tone your legs!
  • First upper body day is to gain strength and muscle to have your muscles pop while wearing your bikini. Second upper body day focuses on the shoulders, biceps, and triceps to have the veins pop and tone up those arms for your beach day.
  • Abs, abs, abs, along with one KILLER cardio day! This program is sure to get you the body you want for that bikini!

Volume: High

Intensity: Moderate

Program Duration: 4-6 week program

Lifting Duration: 1 hour per day

Schedule: 5-day program

Equipment Needed: Barbell, Squat Rack, Dumbbells, Bench, Pull Up Bar, Lat Pulldown Machine, Leg Curl Machine, Assult Bike, Rower, Box, Ab Wheel