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Squat Recovery Program

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Program Goals:

  • Build from competition performance and continue to improve technique
  • Build squats as much as possible over the next 4 weeks
  • Lots of reps with very technical movements

Volume: High

Intensity: Low

Program Duration: 4 Week Program

Lifting Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Schedule: 5 day program

Equipment Needed: Olympic weightlifting bar, bumpers, squat rack, chair/seat/bench, bands, jerk boxes, dip stand

Results: First day of the program is to get you moving properly and feel good positions in the lifts while gaining mobility. Back squats that day are set up with our favorite strength wave of 7/5/3, 7/5/3. Second day, a technical variation of snatch along with some heavy front squats will have your legs feeling fatigued. After the squats, some bodybuilding accessories will follow. Day 3 is more of a recovery/mobility day. It includes variation snatches, jerks, and core work. Day 4, more variations with some moderate front squats continuing the squat gains. Day 5 is your heaviest day with just the competitive lifts with moderate, fast back squats. Week 1 you should gage where you are for the squats and just feel good movements on the variations. Week 2, increase the weights of week 1. Week 3 is a lighter static week for good recovery for a big week 4. Week 4, hit the biggest weights for the entire program. Follow this 5 day program to perfection and you are guaranteed some big squat and technical gains.