American Open Final Peak Program

American Open Final Peak Program

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Program Goals:

  • The first two days of this program are to help maintain the technical progress you have made over the past couple of months. Along with maintaining sound technique, it pushes your back squat and has you start thinking about the last clean and jerk attempt you want at the American Open Finals.
  • Day three and day four start to get you ready for the competitive lifts and get you fresh for a bigger day six. During these days, the program will really push your front squat to increase these last couple weeks as you prepare to hit a huge clean and jerk PR. Day five is an athlete day that will keep you fresh and prepared for your day six.
  • Day six is gameday. This is the day where you think about technique on your warm up, turn your mind off after warm ups, and smash big weights. This big day five helps you start to feel heavy weight and gets you mentally and physically ready for the AO Final. Do not be alarmed if you do not feel spectacular the first week and a half to two weeks. This is part of the process where your body is starting to recover as you prepare for the big meet. By the third and fourth week you will feel like superman/superwoman and be completely ready to smash every weight at the American Open Final!

Volume: Low to Moderate

Intensity: High


Program Duration: 4 weeks peak program

Lifting Duration: One hour to one hour and fifteen minutes

Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Athlete Day), Friday, Rest day Saturday

Equipment Needed: Barbell, bumper plates, squat rack, jerk boxes, bench, back extension, lifting boxes/blocks, dumbbells, reverse hyper, bands,