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    Notable List of Technical Analysis Videos

    For more, follow Garage Strength on YouTube!

    Sam Mattis: 67 meter discus thrower 
    Alex Rose: 2016 Olympian in discus 
    Leif Arrehenius: 20.50 shot put/62.50 discus
    Colt Feltes: 19.34 Shot Put, 6th US Indoors
    Rodney Brown: 66 meter discus thrower
    Josh Awotunde: 20 meter shot putter, 58 meter discus thrower
    Noah Kennedy White: NCAA All American
    Josh Syrotchen: Olympic trials competitor and NCAA Division 2 runner up
    Mo Riddick: Olympic Trials Qualifier 
    David Pless: Olympic Trials Competitor in shot put
    Reggie Jaegers: NCAA All American