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    College Rates

    $340 Full Summer Session 
    Good for 3 months unlimited training. Start anytime
    $120 / Month
    no contract reduced membership available for college students only
    $50 / Week
    Not home for long, stop in for a week of quality training and keep the gains you made at school
    $20 / session
    Regular Drop-In rate per session


    Educator Promotion 

    $210 Unlimited summer session
    10 weeks of unlimited training


    Sunrise Yoga

    $15 per session / Free for GS Members.
    Sunday morning at 7 a.m. Sessions begin June 3rd.

    Speed Camp

    $160 per sessionor $99 per month for unlimited speed camp sessions. Free for GS members. 90 minutes of training: 60 minutes speed and agility and 30 minutes of strength based training. Recommended for students entering grades 5 through 12. Sessions begin June 4th.

    Kid Fit 

    $125 for 8 sessions (Lift only cost is $95 for 8 sessions). Two hour sessions include 45 minute lift, craft/activity, and a healthy snack. Sessions begin June 12th.

    Wrestling Club

     $120 for 10 sessions OR $15 per session. Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7pm.