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    We welcome trainee's of all ages and abilities. We offer programs for youth, sport specific, general strength, and Olympic lifting. All programs in the gym are designed by one of our personal trainers specifically for you. 

    If you can't make it to the gym, or you can only make it once a week check out our online offerings!


    Non-Member Fee

    Whether you have a workout in mind, and you are looking for some technique help, or you are a blank slate, we will pair you with a trainer who will challenge and motivate you.
    Drop-ins always welcome, $20 per session.

    6/12 Month General Membership

    Every time you come to Garage Strength you will be paired with a trainer who will guide you through a program designed to meet your needs. We offer general programs for weightlifting, endurance sports, powerlifting, bodybuilding, general strength for men, team sports, contact sports, and football, wrestling, and more. Your trainer will ensure that participants execute movements safely and efficiently. They will work to challenge you, and help you reach your goals.
    $250/400 + $10 Per Session

    Monthly Unlimited Training

    Come train as often as you like for only $160 per month. Provide us thirty days notice if you would like to cancel your membership. No long term commitment here. Just quality training sessions as often as you like.
    $160 per month

    Personalized Program with Membership

    Are you looking for a specialized program that is geared towards a specific goal. Have you have been considering running your first marathon? Entering a weightlifting meet? Do you want to be a state champion!? If want to train at the garage with a program that is geared specifically for you, then this is  your best option. You will received a monthly program customized to your training goals. Your program will be designed by one of our head trainers who will follow through during your workouts to make sure you are making progress towards your goals.
    $260 Per Month


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