April 2024 Preview Workout Update

April 2, 2024

Peak Strength, the premier strength training app for athletes the world over, is happy to announce that all athletes can now preview their workouts without having to start them!

Here is all that is included in the Preview Workout update in the Peak Strength App.

New Start Button

You can now look at your workout ahead of time before you step foot in the gym!

The point of the New Start Button is to allow you to enter a preview mode, so you are able to replace exercises, review your history, view tutorial videos, and view the starting weight recommendations prior to beginning the workout.

In the preview mode you are unable to log sets and get responsive feedback from the app. But once you press the Start Button to activate the workout, all systems are a go.

Program Recap

Through some bug fixes, the program recap will give you more accurate values and graphs around performance numbers.

Thank you,

The Peak Strength Team

Update 1.6.6

February 5, 2024

In service to our countless athletes using Peak Strength, the premier strength training app for athletes the world over, you will be glad to know improvements to the app and its interfaces have taken place to create an even smoother user experience.

We’ve heard your suggestions. Here are the performance updates you can expect coming your way early in 2024 to the Peak Strength App.
App Processing Speed Improvements
Athletes using Peak Strength will be happy to hear that the app will be providing a more robust processing speed.
  • The Log Set Button moves to the next set instantly

  • The app preloads more information to allow faster actions

New Log Set Workflow
A big benefit of using the Peak Strength App is its ability to store and log robust information around your fitness routine. The performance update boosts workflow capabilities for an elevated user experience.
  • The difficulty slide now provides how hard the set should be, and the user is asked to provide feedback whether that is how hard the set actually was 

  • A sixth difficulty level was added:

    • Very Easy

    • Easy

    • Medium

    • Hard

    • Max Effort

    • Did Not Complete

  • If “Did Not Complete” is selected, the user is prompted to enter how many reps were actually completed, providing a greater level of detail in tracking tonnage metrics

  • To change the weight or reps for an exercise, the weight/reps must be tapped, bringing up a new interface to change the values

  • Two and three exercise complexes have more precise rep values per exercise, and the reps for each exercise can be changed for more user control

  • An info tooltip is included on the difficulty slider to explain how to best use the feature, providing RPE (rate of perceived exertion) and RIR (reps in reserve) comparisons for the difficulty slider

The upgraded workflow, a result of user feedback, will serve athletes, fitness enthusiasts, weightlifters, powerlifters, and sport performance strivers the world over well in your health and fitness journey.

Improving Program Build Loading Experience
In an effort to provide a better experience when building programs, the Peak Strength App equips the user with accurate information around the preparation of developing the user's unique periodized program.
  • Adding a loading screen that informs the user that Peak Strength is building their program

Similar to console and PC video games, the Peak Strength App will provide a loading screen during the construction of your customized program tailored to your sporting, fitness, and strength goals. 
Share Directly to Social Media
Another fabulous tool included in the early 2024 performance update is the upgrade of the Share Workout button to foster a greater community around your commendable workout habits.

Previously, the button downloaded a screenshot of your workout. Now there is the option to export the image directly to other apps and social media accounts right from Peak Strength.
You will love the share workout button because your workout results can be posted directly into other social media apps! Just make sure to tag Peak Strength when you do ;)

Report An Issue
The final feature to be revealed for the early 2024 performance update of the Peak Strength App is the “Report An Issue” feature.

You, the user, are pivotal in communicating areas for progression, improvement, and directing ways to ameliorate and advance the Peak Strength App. Learning more from users is key.

Please, if ever an issue arises, use the “Report An Issue” to let us know so that we can best serve you, resolve the issue as fast as possible, and help create the best strength and conditioning app experience possible.
Additional Improvements
Users can now manage in-app which notifications they would like to receive. In addition, we are now sending out more motivational and helpful tip notifications to help keep lifters on track. 
  • Return to week screen button on the workout summary

  • Improved workflow for when a workout is marked as started and finished, making the workout duration more accurate

  • Improved accuracy in tonnage calculations for workouts

Update 1.3.0

October 23, 2023

A lot of people have been waiting a long time for us to add Olympic Weightlifting to Peak Strength. The time is finally here. A sport where Garage Strength has trained world championship medalists and countless national champions is now an option in Peak Strength. We wanted to do it right and added several features specific to weightlifters into this update to make workouts as good as possible.

We also released a minor update last month that included additional features, specifying in-season and off-season training for sports performance athletes.
Athletic Fitness Focuses
Olympic Weightlifting can be accessed under the Sports Performance path as its own sport. Although it is included along with the other sports, Olympic Weightlifting contains multiple features that other sports do not. 
  • Programming that Targets Weaknesses: During the onboarding process, users will be prompted to enter max lifts for multiple lift variations, in addition to the primary goals lifts of the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Back Squat. The app will use these lifts to determine the biggest area of weakness in the lift and build the program to strengthen those specific areas.

  • Split Jerk or Power Jerk Selection: During onboarding, users will select whether they perform power jerks or split jerks in competition. Users who choose power jerk will only be programmed the power jerk.

  • New Training Days and a 6th Day Option: Olympic Weightlifting includes a 6th training day option and has its own training day layout with names specific to the focus of the day.

    • Baseline Competitive
    • Strength Variation
    • Technical Variation
    • Competitive Variation
    • Athlete Day
    • Maximal Competitive

Weightlifting Attempts
A new workout mechanism has been implemented for weightlifting movements, including snatches, cleans, and jerks. The attempts mechanism is in place for all users performing weightlifting movements, not just Olympic weightlifters.

All weightlifting movements now have attempt indicators (circle outlines) that indicate how many attempts were made on a given set. When performing a set, if a rep is not completed, the slider should be moved to “Missed Rep.” The “Log Set” button will be replaced with a “Log Attempt” button, and when selected, the lifter will be prompted to make a second attempt at the weight. The UI will display a red dot for a missed attempt and a white dot for a made attempt.

Lifters will typically have two attempts at a set, and if the attempt is missed again, they will move on to the next set with a lower weight.

In-Season and Off-Season Training Days
During onboarding, users can set their season start date. There are now a different number of training days that can be set for off-season and in-season training. The app also provides recommendations for how many days each sport and position players should be training during off-season and in-season. Garage Strength coaches strongly believe in the benefits of in-season training, and the recommendations allow users to feel confident that they are not over-training. The number of training days can always be changed in the settings.

A badge will display on the home screen whether the program is in the off-season or in-season phase. When the user arrives at the week of their season start date, the badge will change to in-season and program the given number of in-season training days.
Timer Added to Timed Exercises
Exercises that are time-based now include a timer that can be used to notify when the set is completed. 

Rest Timer Notification
After the rest timer completes, there is now a notification sent to the phone with a sound alert indicating that the rest time is complete.
Notification Management
Users can now manage in-app which notifications they would like to receive. In addition, we are now sending out more motivational and helpful tip notifications to help keep lifters on track. 
Share Your Workout
Users now have the option after finishing a workout or a program to share their workout on social media. The button will export an image of their workout or program overview screen to their photos. Users must then post the image to social media themselves. 

Update 1.2.0

July 10, 2023

Once again, we are introducing our biggest update to the Peak Strength app to date, featuring Athletic Fitness! Athletic Fitness is an entirely new training path you can take to focus on working towards specific training goals rather than training for a specific sport. Athletic Fitness is perfect for anyone who is serious about transforming the way their body moves, functions and looks. With five distinct focuses to choose from, anyone can find a focus that matches their fitness goals.
Athletic Fitness Focuses
When building your program, you will now be asked to choose your training path, either Sports Performance or Athletic Fitness. Sports Performance will direct you towards choosing your sport and position, while Athletic Fitness will ask you to choose one of five focuses.
  • Strength: The program blends athletic-based training with powerlifting to help you move and feel better while still hitting PRs in the core lifts of bench, squat, and deadlift.

  • Muscle: The program is focused on building muscle size and definition while not impeding your mobility or movement. The mix of athlete training with bodybuilding will have you feeling good and looking good.

  • Weight Loss: The program has a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) feel but doesn’t neglect core strength movements. With extra built-in cardio, you will be losing weight while maintaining your muscle and strength.

  • Functional: As a blend of Olympic Weightlifting and athlete-based training, the program resembles CrossFit training. Develop your snatch and clean while improving your plyometrics and mobility simultaneously.

  • Total Athletic Fitness: The program combines all of the focuses above to provide a mix of workout types that will keep training engaging and fun. You’ll get stronger, move better, and become more muscular without neglecting your cardio and heart health. 

After choosing your focus, you can select a preferred method of cardio that will be used when testing cardio levels. Each focus also has specific goal exercises that will track your progress throughout the program. 
Workout Focus Flexibility
Although you will have a dedicated focus that directs your workouts through the entire program, on a day-to-day basis, you will have the flexibility to try out workouts from other focuses based on how you feel. For example, if you get to the gym and aren't feeling ready to lift super heavy, you can switch from the strength focus to the muscle focus and do some more bize and trize. Or, if you want to get some extra cardio in, you can switch to the weight loss focus, and the app will add cardio to your workout without altering the structure of your program.

Note that switching the focus will usually only change a couple of exercises in your workout, keeping the rest the same. On day three, however, the entire workout will change, tailoring it to the selected focus.

Cardio Exercises
Cardio training is a major addition to Peak Strength, and along with it comes a dedicated timer that will lead you through your cardio sets. Instead of functioning like typical exercises where you will enter how difficult the set was, for cardio exercises, the app will instruct you on how hard to push utilizing cardio zones. Cardio zones are a standardized method of regulating how hard you exercise based on your max heart rate. If you have a device that can measure your percentage of max heart rate, you can use that to regulate your intensity. Otherwise, you can use our descriptions to estimate the same level of work.
  • Zone 1: 50-60% max heart rate. A very easy recovery pace, such as a warm-up or cooldown.

  • Zone 2: 60-70% max heart rate. A comfortable pace where you can carry on a conversation.

  • Zone 3: 70-80% max heart rate. You will break a sweat, and harder breathing will prevent you from saying more than a couple of words at a time.

  • Zone 4: 80-90% max heart rate. You should feel a burn in your muscles, and your breathing will prevent you from talking.

  • Zone 5: 90-100% max heart rate. Work as hard as you can. This pace will not be sustainable for long.

Many cardio sets will use intervals, where you will be directed to work in an intensity zone for a certain period of time before switching to another zone. The intervals can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes and can alternate between intervals, repeating up to 20 times. The cardio timer will instruct you when to switch intervals along with a sound notification sent to your phone (make sure your notifications are on!)
You will have a week of testing in the second week of the Realization phase for Athletic Fitness users. You will test one of your focus goals on each of the first three days of the week. The test will be the first exercise of the day, and you will be instructed when to max out with the “PR Attempt” indicator on the set. 

Rep Tracking and Suggestions
The app will now regulate and track your PRs for the number of reps you can perform for certain bodyweight exercises. You can see your history for the number of reps you have performed and your max reps for that exercise on the history screen.

The app also will not suggest more reps than you can perform. For example, if the app initially suggests that you perform 7 pull ups, but you only completed 5 reps, change the number of reps to 5 and mark as did not complete on the difficulty slider. On the next set, the app will only suggest that you perform the number of reps you can complete. In successive workouts, the app will remember what you did in the past and push you towards completing more reps.

Program Overview
When finishing a program at the end of the realization phase, you will be presented with a screen detailing what you have accomplished. You will be able to see a variety of information, including how much progress you have made on each of your goals. From the overview screen, you can build your next program and continue working toward your goals.

Update 1.1.0

April 10, 2023

Are you curious how the volume of work you do in the weight room builds up over time? Do you ever struggle to get to the gym and need that little boost of motivation to get out the door? In our biggest update yet, we added a variety of new features to improve performance tracking and workout accountability. Check out the features below and learn how to get the most out of the Peak Strength app!
Tonnage Badges
Track your progress building strength with our new tonnage tracking and badges. You will see how many tons you’ve lifted each workout and earn badges as you reach milestones over time. Tonnage is a great way to track your overall progress by monitoring the total amount of “work” performed in the app. Think about it as adding the weight you’ve lifted from every rep of every set for every exercise during your workout.
Workout Streaks and Total Workouts Completed
Staying accountable to training consistently is one of the hardest things athletes struggle with, and yet it is one of the most significant determinants of how fast you will improve. We added streak tracking to show you how many workouts you’ve completed without missing a workout to help keep you on track to reach your goals.

*Note that missed workouts only count after a week ends, so you can still temporarily skip a workout as long as you complete it by the end of the week.
Profile Settings Update
In addition to your estimated 1-rep max on your profile settings screen, you can see your current tonnage badge and progress towards the next, your current workout streak, and your total workouts completed.
Workout Overview
After completing a workout, you will now see an overview of what you accomplished, including:
  • Your current tonnage badge and progress toward the next
  • The total amount of weight you lifted in today's workout
  • The duration of your workout
  • Your current workout streak
  • Your total workouts completed
  • A summary of your workout, including the exercises performed, their sets, reps, the highest weight performed on that exercise, and a notification if you hit a new est. 1RM on the exercise

Personal Best Notifications
After hitting a new estimated 1-rep max on an exercise, you will receive a notification and congratulations!

Equipment recommendations and purchase links
You can now check your equipment list for pieces we suggest getting access to and adding to your program, including the equipment we offer from our store

Performance and Interface improvements
  • The recommended dumbbell weight has been clarified, now displaying as, for example: “40 pounds each side”
  • Major performance improvements significantly reducing the amount of crashes on Apple and Android
  • Increased processing speed on the "Log Set" button
  • Error message when inputting a value above 2 times the user est. 1RM. Values can always be entered if 200lbs or lower, and can never exceed 1200lbs
  • Improved suggested weight factoring the first time performing an exercise based on related exercises, as well as improved est. 1RM tracking based on logged weight
  • Support for push notifications

Start today and check our our new features!

Update 1.0.16

January 10, 2023

Peak Strength has been live for only a few months, and we have been getting a ton of positive feedback from our users, and also some fantastic suggestions on how to improve the app. We have very big plans for the continued development of the app, and your feedback is extremely valuable for us to mold Peak Strength into the best strength training app possible for you. To provide us with more feedback, you can fill out the survey linked here.

In update v our primary goal was addressing some of the biggest “quality of life” improvements requested by our users. Making Peak Strength easy to use was one of our primary goals from the very beginning, and your continued feedback has helped us hone in on that goal with this update. We will be adding some bigger features in our next update, so stay tuned, but for now, check out the list of updates added to Peak Strength!

Additional work at the end of the week
Prior to this update, when all workouts for the week were finished, there was no further action you could take in the app until the start of the next week. After finishing the last workout of the week, an option to do an additional workout is now available. You may add up to 5 workouts in a week, and after completing your 5th workout, mobility will be available outside of the workout.
Set and change one rep max for any exercise
After entering your initial maxes for the bench, squat, and clean when first signing up, the app attempts to estimate what your max is for related exercises. The app will also adjust your current maxes based on how you perform in the workout. Every person is different, and sometimes you would prefer to set your max yourself instead of letting the app estimate it for you. Now you can! By clicking on the “Exercise History” tab of an exercise, you can either create a new one rep max or change your one rep max. You can also change your primary exercise one rep maxes by tapping the name of the exercise on the settings screen.

Note that your suggested weights will not change if you already started the workout, but you can just make the adjustment to the weight suggestion in the workout, change your one rep max, and the change will be saved for the next time you perform that exercise.
Information on periodization phases
Periodization is a major aspect of Peak Strength as it dictates the volume, intensity, and exercise variation in your workouts leading up to your peak date. By tapping the graph on the home screen, you can now view additional information on the phase of periodization you are on. You will also get notifications in the app when transitioning into a new phase.

Set your program start date
When creating your program, you may now set the date that you would like to start program. Your workouts will only be available at the beginning of the week of your start date.

Additional Changes
  • Improved the visibility of the skip to workout button when previewing future workouts.
  • When removing dumbbells and barbells from the user’s equipment list, they will be notified if they would like to rebuild their program to improve the quality of their workouts. The same occurs when adding either dumbbells or barbells back into their equipment list.
  • When adding equipment, you will have the option rebuilding unstarted workouts with the new equipment being considered.
  • Starting a workout in the middle of the week will suggest that you start the correct workout, allowing you to start the next week at Day 1 without having just performed that workout.
  • Added the ability to reactive a finished workout.
  • Improved functionality of the log set button.
  • Bug fixes to reduce crashing rate.

Start today and check our our new features!