Update 1.0.16

January 10, 2023

Peak Strength has been live for only a few months, and we have been getting a ton of positive feedback from our users, and also some fantastic suggestions on how to improve the app. We have very big plans for the continued development of the app, and your feedback is extremely valuable for us to mold Peak Strength into the best strength training app possible for you. To provide us with more feedback, you can fill out the survey linked here.

In update v our primary goal was addressing some of the biggest “quality of life” improvements requested by our users. Making Peak Strength easy to use was one of our primary goals from the very beginning, and your continued feedback has helped us hone in on that goal with this update. We will be adding some bigger features in our next update, so stay tuned, but for now, check out the list of updates added to Peak Strength!

Additional work at the end of the week
Prior to this update, when all workouts for the week were finished, there was no further action you could take in the app until the start of the next week. After finishing the last workout of the week, an option to do an additional workout is now available. You may add up to 5 workouts in a week, and after completing your 5th workout, mobility will be available outside of the workout.
Set and change one rep max for any exercise
After entering your initial maxes for the bench, squat, and clean when first signing up, the app attempts to estimate what your max is for related exercises. The app will also adjust your current maxes based on how you perform in the workout. Every person is different, and sometimes you would prefer to set your max yourself instead of letting the app estimate it for you. Now you can! By clicking on the “Exercise History” tab of an exercise, you can either create a new one rep max or change your one rep max. You can also change your primary exercise one rep maxes by tapping the name of the exercise on the settings screen.

Note that your suggested weights will not change if you already started the workout, but you can just make the adjustment to the weight suggestion in the workout, change your one rep max, and the change will be saved for the next time you perform that exercise.
Information on periodization phases
Periodization is a major aspect of Peak Strength as it dictates the volume, intensity, and exercise variation in your workouts leading up to your peak date. By tapping the graph on the home screen, you can now view additional information on the phase of periodization you are on. You will also get notifications in the app when transitioning into a new phase.

Set your program start date
When creating your program, you may now set the date that you would like to start program. Your workouts will only be available at the beginning of the week of your start date.

Additional Changes
  • Improved the visibility of the skip to workout button when previewing future workouts.
  • When removing dumbbells and barbells from the user’s equipment list, they will be notified if they would like to rebuild their program to improve the quality of their workouts. The same occurs when adding either dumbbells or barbells back into their equipment list.
  • When adding equipment, you will have the option rebuilding unstarted workouts with the new equipment being considered.
  • Starting a workout in the middle of the week will suggest that you start the correct workout, allowing you to start the next week at Day 1 without having just performed that workout.
  • Added the ability to reactive a finished workout.
  • Improved functionality of the log set button.
  • Bug fixes to reduce crashing rate.

Start today and check our our new features!