What is periodization?

Periodization is the structured planning of strength training to reach peak performance at a certain point in time. Without periodization, workouts become random, inconsistent, and not focused on the goal at hand. Our periodization model, Parabolic Periodization, follows 5 unique phases over a 20 week time frame and is cycled throughout the year. In reality, today’s athletes either play multiple sports that are equally important or play one sport that has multiple seasons or different points throughout the year where being in peak performance shape is necessary. Parabolic Periodization allows for 2-4 peaks throughout the year while keeping athletes in near peak condition almost always.

The key is the incorporation of all types of training at all times. You will train highly explosive exercises in the off-season, and hypertrophy in-season for injury prevention. However, there will be a noticeable decrease in volume and increase in intensity from the beginning of the 20-week cycle to the end peak date.

Exposure Phase

The Exposure phase is built to reintroduce you into heavy training and refocus on technique. The volume of training will be high, the intensity lower, and exercises less complex to allow for more technical focus. Expect to be sore for the first few weeks but see big strength improvements by week 4. Use this phase to dive into learning technique and get back in the swing of training.

Comprehension Phase

The Comprehension phase will introduce more complex movements as you start to understand the technique and movements better. Volume will stay high, especially with technical lifts, and intensity will rise slightly, allowing you to push some heavier weights. Use this phase to execute consistency with technique and push the weights heavier on high rep sets.

Ascension Phase

The Ascension phase will introduce the first big drop in volume, with intensity building higher. You will start to feel much more powerful, and by the end of the phase be hitting much bigger weights in your strength movements. Don’t shy away from going heavy in this phase, pushing to some multiple rep maxes.

Summit Phase

The Summit phase includes some of the hardest training as the intensity and weights will be very high, but your ability to handle them will also be high. Plyometrics will also get more complex to prepare you for application to your sport. Focus on moving weight on strength movements with the intent for speed.

Realization Phase

The Realization phase will see a big drop-off in volume and intensity, tapering you for a big performance on your peak date. Workouts will be short and simple, allowing for technical focus and greater intent of movement. Focus on recovery and mobility in this phase while keeping the weights light to moderate.