Suffer from small arm syndrome?

Always dreamed of having big arms? Learn the keys to exercise selection and program design for maximum size. Quickly add muscle, increase strength, and improve overall work capacity.

Bize and Trize I and II are the perfect guide books to get those huge arms at any age. Start enjoying your workouts (and the results) for many years to come

Buy now and start your journey.

$ 24.99

Program Included!

  • 10 Days of workouts! 
  • 45 - 60 Minutes
  • 40 Unique exercises!


 The unique exercises included use a myriad of equipment

  • Bench

  • Dumbells

  • Kettlebells

  • Bands 

  • Sledghammer

  • Cable Machine

  • Preacher Bench

  • Forearm Roller

Get Big Arms NOW

Heading to the gym without a plan for your workout?  This is the perfect book to get you built for sleeveless gear all year. Understand exactly why certain exercises work to add size and strength. Start feeling better about your time in the gym, and let your hard work show in your tight sleeves. Start showing the world how hard you have been training.


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Steve B.
United States United States

After 1 month

I’ll be 54 6/29 & I just started back lifting. A+ training material coach‼️ Never felt this strong and fit!

Brandt Z.
United States United States

If you want to get huge arms, BUY THIS BOOK.

Bize and trize review. Alright here’s the deal. I’ve done it all, I’ve seen it all and “Bize and Trize” is the real deal. Remember when you were in 8th grade and stepping into the high school weight room and your best friends made you do 21 guns. You were 100# soaking wet and that 25# EZ curl bar felt like 225#. When you finished your fingers couldn’t even open your combo locker. The workouts from this book give you the same feeling! Think about all the different lifts you do to grow your chest, there bench press, incline press, decline press, close grip, wide grip, flies etc. Dane does any awesome job capturing a TON of unique lifts to hit every single angle of the arm! I love these pump seshs my arms feel like cannons when I’m finished. I get my blood flow to my arms that the skin feels tight, my arms feel hot and my sleeves feel full. If there’s one thing I’ll continue to keep doing all throughout my training career it will be incorporating these arm pumps into my routine. My entire life I’ve never had big arms, I’ve always blamed it on genetics. I just wasn’t built for big arms. This book has reversed that mindset. The combination of supersets and rep schemes is unparalleled. I’m finally putting some serious size on my triceps and some decent size on my biceps. I can’t wait for many many more training sessions and getting thicker and thicker arms. BUY THIS BOOK GET THICC AF.

United States United States

Great Book!

Like all of Dane's work, great book! Highly recommended for those looking for the gainzzzzz!

Zach B.
United States United States


Awesome book! This book has great creativity, variety, and great programs to follow to reach the goal for having bigger and stronger arms! I believe it is a must have for anyone! Great job!

United States United States

Worth 6.9 stars

Got huge and jacked as advertised, but what Dane won’t tell you is it also got me a new truck and a promotion at work. This is legit, but yourself two copies

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It's Time For Something NEW...

Something UNIQUE... 

Something CHALLENGING...

You've tried every method possible to add that extra 2 inches on your arms. You've been been doing the same workouts that don't seem to make any impact on muscle growth. You are still struggling to lock out your bench. Your pull-ups are weak, and you just can't fill out your sleeves!!

Are you ready to feel the pump filling up your arms? Are you ready to struggle gripping the steering wheel on your drive home?

It’s normal to think, “I don’t have the right build, I’m not that strong, I have never been able to add real size”. 

You Have Never Had The Right Tools

Once you learn the correct execution of the movements to build the bicep and tricep you will feel the results in your very first session. You will understand the integration of various movements within a program and start applying them right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the book?

If you ordered a hardcopy, we will ship it on the next business day. If you purchased the ebook, immediately after purchase you will be directed to an order summary screen that will have the button, "Access My Digital Content". Click on the link and you can download the book and be able to start getting SWOLE today!

When should I start the program?

You may start the program as soon as you receive the book! Start on Day 1 and complete all of the days according the prescribed plan in the book.

What if I don't know what an exercise is?

Each exercise is thoughtfully laid out and fully explained with multiple images! If you still are sure if you are performing an exercises correctly, shoot us an email at!

I don't have the necessary equipment to perform a lift, what should I do?

Not to worry, shoot us an email at and we will give you an alternate exercise to perform!

How heavy should I go on my lifts?

Some exercises have percentages included that should be performed according to your 1 rep max in that lift. If there is no percentage, that means we want you to use and develop your autoregulation ability to determine to how heavy to go. Autoregulation is learning how hard your body is able to push itself and how to increase weights in a proper progression to ensure you are thoroughly warmed up and able to go as heavy as you are able without failing on any sets (unless specified).

What should I do when I finish the program?

When you finish this program you will have a true taste of the Swole Life! For maximum gains we encourage you to move onto a different program to ensure your body can adapt to a different stimulus. Check out these programs below, or sign up for a custom program!

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