Bize and Trize Volume 1 – Garage Strength
Bize and Trize Volume 1
Bize and Trize Volume 1

Bize and Trize Volume 1

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Bize and Trize Volume 1: A Ten Day Antidote to the Small Arm Curse! This isn't just a book for meat heads, it has great knowledge to improve arm strength and overall athletic performances!

Excerpt below ...

Fast forward to 2016.  I weighed 290lbs, felt like garbage, was no longer competing and had no direction in my training.  A client of mine who had been struggling with weight himself came up to me one day.  “How much you want to bet to see who can lose the most weight over the next 2 months?”  $1,000.  Yes, I told him $1,000.  I knew I needed some serious cash on the line to motivate myself to stop being fat.  After the agreement, I began second guessing myself. What if I became small? What if people looked at me and thought I was weak?!?!?!  I panicked.

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Joshua M.
United States

Good movement descriptions

What the books do well is explain what the lifter is supposed to be activating and feeling throughout the movement. Exercises are also given movement pairings like a lifting cookbook. The pairings serve well as conditioning exercises which help improve the big lifts, or development of prime movers. The Bize and Trize books contain workout regimens but the workouts are presented minimally and can use more written considerations and tips for someone following the programs. There are set styles that I would have liked to see like "rest-pause on last set" days, or "perform drop set last set of each movement." Overall, the books provide a great detailed look into familiar movements where lifters would otherwise demonstrate adverse compensations or lack the proper activations throughout the movements.

Steve B.
United States United States

After 1 month

I’ll be 54 6/29 & I just started back lifting. A+ training material coach‼️ Never felt this strong and fit!

Steven B.
United States United States

Bize and Trize vol 1& 2

I enjoyed both books very much, and even though I’ve been training for 40 years, I found some unique & effective training methods! I’ve incorporated several exercises & especially like the set & rep guidelines. Great stuff Dane!

Christian W.
United States United States

Awesome book!

Great Book! Teaches the fundamentals workouts and rep schemes to add mass to your arms! After completing this program several times over the course of two years I added over 2 inches to my arms going from 17 to 20 inches!!! The results speak for themselves! Get this book! You won’t be disappointed!!!

Brandt Z.
United States United States

If you want to get huge arms, BUY THIS BOOK.

Bize and trize review. Alright here’s the deal. I’ve done it all, I’ve seen it all and “Bize and Trize” is the real deal. Remember when you were in 8th grade and stepping into the high school weight room and your best friends made you do 21 guns. You were 100# soaking wet and that 25# EZ curl bar felt like 225#. When you finished your fingers couldn’t even open your combo locker. The workouts from this book give you the same feeling! Think about all the different lifts you do to grow your chest, there bench press, incline press, decline press, close grip, wide grip, flies etc. Dane does any awesome job capturing a TON of unique lifts to hit every single angle of the arm! I love these pump seshs my arms feel like cannons when I’m finished. I get my blood flow to my arms that the skin feels tight, my arms feel hot and my sleeves feel full. If there’s one thing I’ll continue to keep doing all throughout my training career it will be incorporating these arm pumps into my routine. My entire life I’ve never had big arms, I’ve always blamed it on genetics. I just wasn’t built for big arms. This book has reversed that mindset. The combination of supersets and rep schemes is unparalleled. I’m finally putting some serious size on my triceps and some decent size on my biceps. I can’t wait for many many more training sessions and getting thicker and thicker arms. BUY THIS BOOK GET THICC AF.