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The Top 3 Types of Instagram Lifters

Instagram is a very strange platform because you can use it for entertainment and also run a business through it. I love seeing all the weightlifters post and I love seeing the different types of profiles that these athletes make. This one is going to be fun, here are my top 3 types of Instagram lifters.

1. The “look at my butt please” profiles: This is the one that everybody knows and everybody has a love/hate relationship with. It blows my mind how lifters get a following and have credibility on social media because of their looks or the way they post. I know people who have won world titles and don't have nearly as many followers as some lifters that can’t even qualify for a national event. The most annoying things about these profiles are the fact they can not take any heat. People get so sensitive about name calling and they do it to themselves! Do not post showy pictures if you do not want people to give you crap for it. I also have always found it odd that people “show” themselves so much. I don’t know if it is a self-worth thing but it never made sense to me. I get posting about weightlifting and your life but booty pictures are just crazy to me. The sport is about lifting the most weight, not getting the most likes.

2. Instagram Coaches: These are my favorite. The people that constantly give you unwanted cues and corrections. No, I'm not talking about the Throws University book (which by the way can be purchased right here: I'm talking about the people who are constantly giving their opinion when no one asked for it. These are typically people who are terrible at weightlifting themselves or have never coached any decent lifter. As Dane likes to say, “the internet trolls” strike again! The honest reason people troll on our account is that they can’t mimic our results, so instead of trying to develop the athletes better, they will talk shit on a 15-year-old girls technique who can lift more than them. Don’t be that guy.

3. Weightlifting Meme Accounts: The greatest thing that has ever happened to the sport of weightlifting. Not only is this good for me at 11 PM when I'm scrolling through my feed and I see a picture of Ilya Ilyin’s hair being compared to a grill brush, but it is also good for bringing popularity to the sport. All these accounts with millions of followers are posting videos of Olympic lifting fails and drama that occurs. No publicity is bad publicity if you ask me. Whoever runs these meme accounts need a damn award. To constantly roast people and have your account banned it takes a lot of balls to run one of those accounts. The whole goal is to get more people to the sport of weightlifting, so why not make that process funny and slightly embarrassing, right?

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